Die Casting

San Jose Die Casting has die casting machines that vary from 150-850 tons. We have both cold and hot chamber die casting machines
for Zinc and Aluminum. We cast parts that weigh a few ounces to ones that weigh 35 pounds. Our die casting machines are able to
produce thin walled castings, deep heat sinks and achieve as cast parts with features on all sides with no machining to obtain
significant savings in cost. Since our engineers work very closely with tool makers we are able to give very short lead times and assure
that the product is to the highest quality. Our Fondarex advanced vacuum unit allows our castings to be virtually porosity free to assure
the highest caliber parts.  This vacuum process allows us to produce parts with thinner walls with excellent mechanical and thermal
properties approaching A6061.
        SJD Equipment List

Die Casting Dept
Qty                                  Description                     Specs
1                                           HPM                        250 Ton
1                                            2-G                         400 Ton
1                                    Wedgelock                    550 Ton
1                                           UBE                         650 Ton
1                                B&T Ex-Cell-O                   850 Ton
1                        Vacu-Cast Hot Chamber         300 Ton
3                    Fondarex vacuum assist unit        
5            Thermtronix Electrically controlled Furnaces        
2                          Rimrock auto ladlers        
Trim Press   
Qty                                  Description                     Specs     
1                                          Kard                       40 ton
1                                          Kard                       45 ton