San Jose Die Casting Corporation has added prototype and production machining to its operations.  Our reputation has always been an efficient
die-casting shop, with an exceptional record of high quality and on time delivery.   We offer the same with the CNC machining process.  

SJDC will work with your engineering staff to develop production plans and provide parts that are accurate, on time, and within your budget.  We
have close relationships with material, hardware for assembly and finishing shops to be able maintain a quick lead-time.

Using the most advanced CAD software tools, SJDC’s engineering department develops high-quality prototype systems.  We have extensive
experience with a variety of applications and with the latest CNC technology.  We have the ability to work on a wide variety of materials including,
but not limited to aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics.  We can accept various electronic files (solid models, DFX, etc.) and, after a prototype run,
if production is needed for either machining or converting to die casting we are already familiar with the product and specs to assure a seamless
                                    SJD Equipment List

Qty        Description                                                        Specs

1        Fanuc CNC Lathe Nakumura                11" Chuck        
3        Fanuc Robodrill Model t14iA                 20" x 15" x 12", 8,000 rpm, 14 tools
2        Fanuc Robodrill Model t10A                  20" x 15" x 12", 8,000 rpm, 10 tools
1        Fanuc Robodrill Model t10B                  20" x 15" x 12", 8,000 rpm, 10 tools
1        Matsurra MC 500V                                 20" x 15" x 20", 8,000 rpm, 20 tools
1        Matsurra MC 500VS                              20" x 15" x 20",10,000 rpm, 20 tools
1        Matusrra MC 510V                                 20" x 15" x 20", 8,000 rpm, 20 tools
1        HAAS VF 4                                             50" x 26" x 25", 10,000 rpm, 24 tools
1        HAAS HRT 160 Rotoary Table             6.50" diameter
1        HAAS HRT 210 Rotoary Table             8.25" diameter
60      Drill Press        
11      Multi Head Drill/Tap Presses        
3        Bridgeport Mills        
1        Clausing Kondia Mill        
1        Lagun Republic Mill        
1        12" Harrison Lathe        
1        Osama Sr. Lathe        
1        Hydraulic Tapper